About Us

Mytech offers New Zealand businesses technology solutions to those in any industry who seek efficiency, consistency and reliability across their enterprise.  We seek to change the market perception of technology in business as “a necessary evil” and instead endeavour to create long and lasting IT partnerships that add significant value to a business owner.

Improving services, pricing innovations and reducing costs are often the starting point of our relationships with our Customers. With aggressive and creative product deployment we successfully migrate our Customers to new and innovative products in the technology sector to support their business growth. We enable our Customers to streamline technology and increase efficiency while reducing costs in the way their businesses run.

It’s a long term relationship which we achieve through industry knowledge, professional conduct and innovative ways of meeting our clients needs.

Mytech realises that if your infrastructure is down so is your business. That is why we strive to assist your business to design solutions that are not only cost effective but also robust and scalable, enabling future proofing ensuring that there is adequate disaster recovery and business continuity in place that will minimise business downtime.

More business are driving towards an outsourced model to work alongside them in the management of their IT Infrastructure. With monitoring software that will detect and give adequate warning of potential problems we can address these problems before they have fatal and timely consequences. At Mytech we have tailored some support solutions for businesses to give them the choice of the level of support they feel is best for them.

To run a business efficiently and cost effectively it needs reliable service and infrastructure.  We would like to support you by clarifying your requirements and based on those requirements creating a plan that not only to meets your immediate needs but also to future proof your infrastructure so it doesn’t limit you or slow you down as your business grows.