Cloud Solutions

The goal with the cloud is to simplify while improving your solution. There are times where it has been better for us to stay with physical servers and we will do whatever will suit your business needs the best.
Email and Data

Having your data and email cloud based means you get to utilize someone else’s hardware and security infrastructure for a fraction of the price of doing it yourself. Microsoft Office 365 is the leader in this space which is why we choose to use this product. Office 365 comprises mainly of;

  • Exchange for email, contacts and calendar
  • SharePoint for company data
  • OneDrive for individual’s data

We work with you to design your system to best suit your needs. Utilizing Microsoft’s Office 365 increases your data flexibility and availability, while adding in more security as well as lowering operating costs. They are also improving it as well which you don’t have to pay extra for but get the benefits of.

Above is only mentioned the core components, there is also many other communication and productivity tools that they provide (a lot even for free) as part of their suite which makes it the most diverse option and when you get to use tools from the same provider across the board the integration is much more seamless.


Microsoft Azure now makes it possible for us to move even our application servers to the cloud. This enables us to where practical move all physical or virtual servers to the cloud. This creates greater flexibility around how we utilize our servers and server resource.