Managed Backups

Assumption is the mother of all mistakes. Backups need to be tested and verified.

  • Only 6% of companies suffering from a catastrophic data lose survive
  • 43% never reopen again
  • 51% close within 2 years

When looking at a backup solution, we can’t just look copying files and hoping when we need them they and they are usable. There are four things we ensure;

  • Successful backups. Full image backups not just files.
  • Checked, verified, and tested.
  • Offsite copies to the cloud.
  • Minimising downtime.

Successful Backups.
With backup we aim for more than just a replication of files, we make sure the backup images are full images of the server that can be restored to new hardware or to another virtual server.

Checked, Verified and Tested.
We don’t leave backups to chance. We not only make sure we get notifications when the backups complete, we make sure you also get one, you get to know. On top of that we make sure after the backups that the backed-up image boots and critical applications checked. Then added to that we run regular test boots where we will do a complete test failover in parallel to your live system so that if we do need to failover we know we are ready.

Offsite copies to the cloud.
The old format used to be backing up to some form of media and then someone in the company taking a copy of that offsite. We instead set it up to replicate everything to a secure cloud location. In the instance of a complete disaster rendering your entire site un-usable we can virtually boot up the servers and provide access for your workforce, providing you a completely redundant solution.

Minimising Downtime.
A backup solution is simply not enough. What is often not considered when considering backup solutions is the recovery time. Although there are many different imaging backup options available to get that image off a USB drive or network storage is simply the time to copy the data over the wire. Data transfer speeds are limited. We like to put in a solution where while we are recovering the data we can have a redundant solution in place allowing your business to still function minimising your downtime as much as possible.

Managed User Backup
With more and more users going to Office 365 and other cloud systems we have the false sense of security that our data is being backed up in these environments. Although they are fully redundant the reality is Email, SharePoint, OneDrive data can be deleted and lost.

What we have is a solution that retains this information as well. It is licensed per user and makes sure that all that data is safely backed up.