Managed Security

Full security requires a multi-level approach;

  • A Firewall, this checks all incoming out going traffic.
  • Maintained Devices, viruses and hacks often take advantage of system vulnerabilities that are then fixed with updates, if you are not getting the updates you are still exposed.
  • Anti-Virus, this makes sure the individual devices are being scanned and kept clean.
  • DNS Monitoring, this makes sure that all out going traffic from either on site or remote users is being checked, protecting users from access malicious sites or for crypto lockers for dialling home.
  • Good Backups, if something gets through all the above, if you have a good backup then we can always go back to that.

For maintained devices we offer managed service contracts, and for good backups we offer managed backups so what we are going to focus on here is just the managed security side.

A firewall is our first level of defence, it sits between our network and the internet scanning all the traffic in and out. However, a firewall is only working if the features are turned on, and the alerts are only any good if they are being seen. Therefore, we offer a managed firewall where we will monitor the alerts and make sure it is updated.


A firewall can’t stop someone bringing in a USB key with something on it, it also sometimes can’t stop someone opening something bad form an email. This is where anti-virus comes in. It is making sure that the individual machines are being scanned and protected.

DNS Monitoring.

Although this is a great third level of security for you site it is even more beneficial for when your devices are outside of the network protected by your firewall. It can carry your company browsing policy to where ever your users are and protect them from malicious websites. We only implemented and started selling this ourselves when we saw the benefits of having it protect us.

All these system in a managed service setting are monitored by our team, these systems work at their best if the information they are reporting is being acted upon which is why we recommend it being implemented as a managed service.

We all have policy meetings with our teams about not clicking on bad links, or browsing wrong sites, but it still happens and not because staff are intentionally opening things but because the people who make them design them to work. Often there are infections on machines that people don’t even realise are there, just that their machine is going slow. Not all anti-virus is equal, not all are good. Some start as good then become ineffective. We are constantly reviewing our security offering to make sure we are protecting ourselves! We use everything that we sell, so when we say we stand by it we are literally relying on it.