Managed Support

In today’s business landscape IT Infrastructure plays one of if not the most central roles. Most of your documentation, communication, security etc is all controlled by, stored on, distributed over your computer infrastructure. Almost all staff work on computers and/or devices that connect through an infrastructure by using the likes of wireless to access and work on this data.

In the past the ad-hoc model of IT support has been common place, but a break fix model is just that, fixing something when it is already broken. IT downtime is lost revenue for you. With such reliance on technology a pro-active MSP offering is more suitable to make sure that computers, servers, and core infrastructure are monitored and maintained with the goal to eliminate downtime.

The MSP offering encompasses;

Centralized Services   Network Administration
  • Monitoring
  • Patch Management
  • Anti-Virus / Malware
  • Backup and DR
  • Cloud Services
  • Centralised Network and Wireless
  • Centralised Security
  • Proactive Tech Management
  • Best Practices
  • A team with targets based on your lack of downtime
  • Every Change results in site documentation updated
  • Repetitive issues flagged and sent to vCIO
  • Aim to simplify and standardize
Support   Technology Consulting / vCIO
  • Easy access Remote Support
  • Help Desk
  • Onsite Engineers
  • Transparent access to our ticketing system
  • Site design
  • Budget planning
  • Ticket monitoring and Improving
  • CIO meetings for annual planning
  • Monthly reports viewed by your assigned vCIO
Projects will be planned out and quoted with the budget and implemented as agreed.


The goal here is to give you complete confidence over your IT knowing that we are taking care of it all but in doing so you also know what it is going to cost you. We both want any issue that arises to be quickly resolved before it becomes a bigger issue. But we both also have to consider your spend. With a managed service contract our team can happily and proactively fix everything they see and you can happily know what you are going to spend.