Managed Wireless

Network equipment required

We have used different wireless products over the years but the one we have been most impressed with and now is the one we use most especially for commercial and retail environments is Meraki.

Some of the benefits of using Meraki are;

  • The can handle lots of user connections delivering a better experience for the users
  • The system has an amazing API that can connect into multiple different systems enabling better integration
  • The cloud portal allows you to be able to see
    1. Passer-by numbers
    2. Visitor numbers
    3. Dwell time
    4. Repeat visitor numbers
  • It also allows you to compare this data against other sites
  • It has heat map visibility, so you can see the likes of where popular areas of the shopping centre are.
  • It also provides a lot of support information like detailed information on the number of clients connected, what devices they are, security risks, how many devices connected to which access point. All this information allows us to better support your centre and to make sure that the system is delivering a quality connection to your customers.
  • With the firewall in place we can create multiple networks over the same system for management and guests.

 Splash Page

Although the Meraki wireless like other wireless units comes with a built-in hotspot page configurator, but in our experience the built-in page does not deliver the full flexibility that you want for a truly effective page.

We have used and included pricing for another system that ties in with the Meraki system. This allows a lot more flexibility for branding, it also has increased functionality for automatically tying into other Marketing databases.